Holiday farmhouse apartments near Florence at our wine estate Frascole in Mugello

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Holiday farmhouse apartments near Florence at our wine estate Frascole in Mugello

Frascole sits right above Dicomano, at the crossroads between the Sieve and Mugello valleys. The Sieve valley is not as well known as other areas in Tuscany as it is outside of the more popular tourist itineraries. Yet the valley offers vistors a territory rich in history, enchanting landscapes and suggestive glimpses.

To reach the valley, one needs to follow the Arno upriver to the east of Florence. Once you arrive in Pontassieve, you leave the Arno behind to follow its major affluent, the Sieve river.

Here the Valdisieve, or Sieve valley, begins or more correctly, ends as the start of the valley begins almost 20 kilometers to the north where it meets the Mugello valley.

As you follow the Sieve river upstream, the valley quickly narrows and on the right you'll see at the top of a steep, imposing hillside covered with cypress trees a robust white fortification, the Castello Nipozzano that still guards over the valley today. It is thus easy to understand who commandeered the area in more ancient times.

The road, called the “Tosco-Romagnola”, joins Pisa to Ravenna, the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic sea and at this point follows almost always or is not far from the Sieve river.

Continuing along, the valley once again opens up into rolling hills entirely covered with vineyards and olive groves around the town of Rufina, the first major center in the valley.

Then once again the course of the river and the road curve and narrow, until once again they open up again at Dicomano.

Crossroad for roads and rivers, the town of Dicomano straddles the convergence of the Comano stream to the Sieve river.

A short distance ahead, the valley opens up further to flow into the larger beautiful Mugello valley. The Tosco-Romagnola road instead turns right at Dicomano and goes up the Comano stream, slowly climbing the slopes of the Apennines near the Falterona peak and heads toward the Muraglione mountain pass.

Frascole overlooks the town of Dicomano, gently sloping hills and small valleys that in turns slowly rise from the 350 m.s.l. at the Pieve di S. Jacopo to the 470 m.s.l at the Castello del Pozzo to then continue uphill to meet the Apennines.

Here, on a small terrace that overlooks the Sieve valley, is where our agricultural estate, Frascole, is located.

From here, it is easy to visit:

  • Florence;
  • the rest of the Mugello valley, including the Bilancino Lake, the shopping outlets in Barberino di Mugello, the Mugello Race track in Scarperia;
  • the archeological Etruscan site in Frascole;
  • Dicomano, including the Romanic Pieve di Santa Maria and the stupendous oratory of Saint Onofrio, a masterpiece of Tuscan neoclassicism.