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» Wine & OilBitornino — Rosso di Toscana

Indicazione Geografica Tipica — organic wine

  • Name of the wine: Bitornino.
  • First year of production: 2002.
  • Agricolture: organic since 1999.
  • Description of the vineyards: The soil composition is a clay loam originated by the geological formation called “Marl of Vicchio” (marl and clay marl).
  • Exposure: south, south-west.
  • Pruning tecnique: unilateral cordon.
  • Planting year: 1967 and 1970.
  • Plants density: old vineyards 2800 plants per hectare.
  • Grape varieties: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo and Colorino, 5% White Trebbiano and White Malvasia.
  • Vinification tecnique: The vine-harvest (completely done by hand) usually starts at the end of Semptember. We put the grapes in small boxes (weight: about 15 kg each). We bring the boxes to a terrace situated on the roof cellar where there is the destemmer, a machine, that at first divides the grapes from the grape-stalk and immediately later it presses them. The must enters directly by gravity the cellar’s inox containers (capacity 110 hectoliters) through some openings situated on the terrace. In the inox containers takes place the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures (not more than 28-30° C). The liquid and the skins are in contact for about 10-15 days then they are divided and the wine is transfered into concrete containers where the malolactic fermentation takes place.
  • Refining technique: the wine refines in the concrete containers for 12 months. During this period we decant it several times in order to remove the dregs.
  • Date of bottling: February.
  • Mean analytical datas: Alcohol: 12,50% - 13,00% — Total acidity: 5,30 - 5,70 gr/ litre — Total dry extract: 27,50 - 29,00 gr/litre.

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Our agricultural firm has followed since 1998 a completely organic production, for both grapes and olives.

We currently produce about 35-40.000 bottles annually, about 70% of these are exported to the United States, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Canada and other European countries.