Holiday farmhouse apartments near Florence at our wine estate Frascole in Mugello

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Holiday farmhouse apartments near Florence at our wine estate Frascole in Mugello

The passion for agriculture has been in our family for generations: our maternal grandfather Amando Giunti was an important farm manager for several important Tuscany companies up until the time he decided to purchase, here in Dicomano, a few farms.

Our paternal grandfather, Dario Santoni, was by occupation a shoemaker but his passion was also for agriculture and he was responsible for two small farms near the town of Dicomano.

It was our father, Serse Santoni, at the end of the 1960s who started planting vineyards dedicated to one type of grape in the lands that belonged to our grandfather. By the mid-1980s, these vineyards covered almost 7 hectares when we took over the running of the family business.

The largest step was in 1992 when we purchased the estate at Frascole that has since then become the center of our agricultural enterprise.

The hill of Frascole presents particular characteristics in soil, sun exposition and microclimate compared to the rest of the territory around Dicomano. Exposition is optimal: in summer, the first rays of daybreak hit our hill before the surrounding ones, and when the sun sets, the valley has already been in shade for at least an hour.

The climate is affected by our close vicinity to the Appennines and thus is cool, particularly during the night. This special characteristic exalts the scent of our wines and makes them unique in comparison to those of other areas.

When we purchased the Vico estate it was in a poor state: the buildings were mostly falling apart, the vineyards were very aged and grown to produce great quantities rather than quality grapes. The olive groves had been sorely forgotten after the terrible frost of 1985, one that all of Tuscany still remembers since it killed most olive trees in the region.

A real wine cellar was missing, many of the tools and instruments used to make wine were scattered in various buildings across the property.

In was the year that we met the oenologist Federico Staderini. Coming from various important vinicultural experiences in Italy and abroad. We established a wonderful collaboration from the start that was decisive in the development of our agricultural enterprises in the years that followed.

Right from the first vintage we discovered that there was a good base that needed exploring and improved. The first interventions were done on the existing vineyards, by setting up a pruning system that valued quality over quantity. In a matter of a pair of years, the results were evident in our wines.

The new vineyards were the first important step: the new planting with high density clones of selected Sangiovese grapes were quick to produce their fruits and from the 1999 vintage we undertood we were on the right path. In that year our new wine cellar was completed, the new vats and wood barrels added another dimension and step forward on the road of quality.

Our agricultural firm has followed for many years a completely organic production, for both grapes and olives.